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We rely on the generosity of public donations and foundation grants to fund everything we do. Tax-deductible monetary donations are always greatly appreciated and help us to continue saving hundreds of lives each year.

We also accept tangible gifts such as supplies, equipment, and food for the animals.

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“Promoting compassion, empathy, and respect for all life through wildlife rehabilitation, wildlife conservation, and ecological teachings.”

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We are a growing organization. Check back often to find out how your gift can make a difference in the lives of wildlife, our resident ambassadors, and our community.


Annual Campaign

Birds of a Feather

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The mission

Promoting compassion, empathy, and respect for all life through wildlife rehabilitation, ecological teachings, and wildlife conservation.

Helping Wildlife in need

Donations to our Birds of a Feather Annual Campaign support the 1,000 patients that we serve every year, and help to provide needed food, shelter, and medical care to sick, injured, and orphaned animals in need.

Connecting People with Nature

Our conservation education program serves thousands of people every year, and helps promote appreciation for nature and the wildlife we share our planet with within our community and beyond.

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Other Campaigns

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Seabird Display Enclosure

Help support the construction of Cormie's new home.


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Help with general operating expenses for our wildlife hospital.


Conservation Education

Support our planet's future by giving to our conservation education program.


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We are not yet open to the public, but private, guided property tours or off-site presentations can be scheduled in advance by contacting the Executive Director.

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