Rescue Hotline: 503-338-0331

Found an animal after hours?  Due to funding limitations, we are only able to answer rescue calls during our business hours. Please keep the animal in a safe, warm location overnight & call and leave a message on our voicemail. Someone will be in contact as soon as we are able. Thanks for your help!

What to Do

If you encounter injured, sick or orphaned wildlife:

Be aware that any wildlife species can cause injury.

If you can safely capture the wildlife, cover its head and body with a towel or clothing.  Keep the wildlife away from your face and hold it down by your hips.

Place it in a cardboard box with holes big enough for air flow and a towel on the bottom.  Close the lid and put the box in a dark, quiet area.

Keep the wildlife warm, especially if it is wet.

Keep human contact to a minimum.  Stress kills – you are a predator to wildlife.  Leave the wildlife alone in the box; do not handle or check on it and keep children and pets away.

Call our wildlife hospital at 503-338-0331.  If you reach the recording, speak slowly and leave your phone number and reason for calling.  We will return your call as soon as possible.  Please DO NOT use e-mail to inform us of a wildlife emergency.

Do not attempt to care for the wildlife yourself.  Please do not give it any food or water without first speaking with us.

If you find young wildlife that you think is abandoned, make certain it is truly orphaned.  The parents may be nearby but not visible.  Call us before removing any young wildlife from its location.

Stranded seals and sea lions should be reported to the Seaside Aquarium at 503-738-6211.

Seals & Sea Lions

Please report stranded marine mammals to the Seaside Aquarium at 503-738-6211.

Deer & Elk

Please report adult deer & elk to the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife.


Due to funding limitations we are not currently permitted to admit raccoons.


We are legally allowed to admit non-native species for humane euthanasia only.

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