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Membership Program

Wild at Heart Membership Program

We are a growing organization with humble roots that continuously strives to provide a quality service to our community and the planet. By becoming a member of our organization, your contribution directly funds our efforts to help save wildlife & cultivate a community respectful of all living beings.

Stay informed, and play a key role in local wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and conservation education!​

Join Our Mission

Choose from either a Monthly Sustaining Membership starting at just $5/month, or an Annual Membership starting at just $45/year. 

Wild at Heart

Membership Benefits

By becoming a member, you’ll enjoy receiving:
  • The Latest News from the Center

    The Latest News from the Center

    Including updates on heartwarming rescues, silly bird photos, and more;

  • Exclusive Member Invites

    Exclusive Member Invites

    To exciting releases and community events;

  • Our Quarterly Newsletter

    Our Quarterly Newsletter

    Just for members!

and of course, the pleasure of knowing you’ve helped to make a real difference in the lives of animals coming through our doors each year. 

Your donation helps to provide critical care, medical attention, and nutritious food to over 1,000 birds and other creatures needing our help every year, as well as a safe haven to heal, get back to health and released back into the wild where they belong.

We hope you’ll join us and make a pledge to assist injured and orphaned wildlife along our North Coast.

* You can also send membership donations to:  Wildlife Center of the North Coast, PO Box 1232, Astoria OR 97103.

** WCNC’s members are not entitled to voting rights within the organization; the intent of the membership program is strictly a ‘supporter club’.

A Wild Journey

Join Us for a Property Tour or Cormie Experience

We are not yet open to the public, but private, guided property tours or encounters with our Education Ambassador can be scheduled in advance.

A Unique Experience